Our Values

It's not just what we do, but how we do it


Nelsons is full of positive people. We bring solutions, not problems, we lead others on a journey and our enthusiasm is infectious to whoever we are with. We create an environment where discussion and debate is encouraged. We are inspirational through our dynamism, expertise and energy. We are passionate about our brands and our teams and enjoy our work.


Responsibility empowers us to influence outcomes, be the expert and deliver our best. We are accountable for our actions and we will stand tall and explain our decisions. We are not afraid to admit when we've made a mistake because that is how we learn and evolve. We make decisions, make suggestions, and we make improvements.


Integrity is the thread that runs through everything we do. We do what we say we will, and we deliver. We are honest and we are trustworthy, with each other and our customers. We expect the same from everyone that we work with.

We are committed to EXCELLENCE.

Excellence is demonstrated throughout our organisation. It is reflected in the standard of work we produce, the quality of the products we develop and the value we deliver in the eyes of our customers and consumers. Importantly, excellence is not just reflected in 'what' but also in 'how' we deliver, as we all strive to be the best at each and every step. We celebrate excellence whilst developing and supporting those who strive for it.


We channel our passion to take people with us on our journey. Excellence is delivered through challenging each other and working together. We are all responsible for our actions, our results and for each other. We operate with integrity, communicating honestly and openly to instil trust and engagement. We collaborate with suppliers, partners and regulators to deliver mutually beneficial results.