Recognising women as the guardians of family health

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Claire Ferguson, CEO of Nelsons, was invited to talk on the BBC’s World News Inside Track programme* about the growing number of consumers switching to natural healthcare products. In our modern day lifestyles it often falls to women to look after their family’s health. This comes with heavy responsibility so it’s important to be informed as possible.

Recognising the importance of women in this role we asked Claire to explain more..…

These days, consumers are increasingly knowledgeable about their health and wellness and want to find out about all the options available even before going to seek medical advice or visiting a doctor. Interestingly enough, given the choice between conventional and natural remedies our research** shows that two thirds of consumers would choose a natural product if they could. But we shouldn’t look at healthcare as something that is split between two distinct and separate disciplines. Instead, I firmly believe that we should look at healthcare as one category holistically which has complementary options within it.

I have a one year old who is teething and am often up all night which many parents can relate to I am sure. Seeing your toddler in distress is upsetting. It’s common for the mum to be the healthcare guardian of the family and it’s the same in my home. When my child is teething I go for both a conventional medicine suitable for my youngster to take and a natural remedy like Teetha®This is just one example how the 2 can work together hand in hand. It’s about looking at what options are available so that you can make the best choice for your particular situation.

Our products are used by around 5.5million users worldwide. We estimate that 1 Rescue Remedy® product is sold somewhere in the world every 3 seconds which is incredible and shows how relevant we are for the demands of today’s busy modern lifestyles. Women today have so many different roles to play throughout each and every day and looking after their family’s health and wellbeing is a probably the one that comes with the most responsibility. That why it’s so important that we at Nelsons put our users firmly at the centre of everything that we do to ensure that we support them in this incredibly important role.


* BBC Business Live, 06/03/2019: via @bbciplayer
** findings based proprietary research

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