New Wellbeing & Stress Remedies Coming From Nelsons

New Non-alcohol Formulas In English/Spanish Packaging Join Trusted Bach® Original Flower Remedies And Rescue® Brand Families

NEW Bach Original Flower Remedies, in smaller 10mL bottles; dual-labelled in English and SpanishNorth Andover, MA | Want to manage stress and boost your overall emotional wellbeing? Who doesn’t need some relief these days?

Nelsons is introducing two new solutions to help: non-alcohol formulations of Bach® Original Flower Remedies, in smaller, 10mL bottles, and Rescue Remedy®, the most widely distributed natural stress and sleep brand worldwide.1 And they’re dual-labelled in English and Spanish!

Nelsons, a leading global natural healthcare company, has been helping generations live healthier, happier lives for more than 160 years. This includes almost 90 years as the manufacturer and marketer of the 38 Bach® Original Flower Remedies, developed by Dr. Edward Bach, respected British physician and homeopath. He created the Bach® flower remedies from the plants and flowers in his own English garden to promote emotional wellbeing.

NEW Rescue Remedy vegetable glycerin formula, dual-labelled in English and SpanishHe also created Rescue Remedy®, a unique 5-flower blend to help his patients cope with demanding and stressful situations. Nelsons later developed Rescue Sleep®, a special 6-flower blend that combines original Rescue Remedy® with added Bach® White Chestnut as a sleep aid to help relieve stress and calm repetitive thoughts before bed or throughout the night.

Dr. Bach’s original formulations, developed in the 1930’s, utilized grape brandy to preserve the remedies for his patients, and Nelsons has maintained that original formula for millions of consumers of all ages to use ever since.

“You have told us you are looking for products with natural ingredients, from trusted brands that meet your evolving lifestyle requirements,” said Jon Rooney, U.S. General Manager for Nelsons.

“With non-alcohol Rescue Remedy® and Bach® Original Flower Remedies, we’re keeping our trusted natural active flower essence ingredients and using sweet-tasting vegetable glycerin as a preservative,” Rooney added.

The new non-alcohol Bach® flower remedies are available in a 0.35 fl oz (10mL) bottle size and are dual labelled with important product information in both English and Spanish. The new 10mL size will also enable you to try the flower remedies at a lower price from our original formulation in a larger 0.7 fl oz (20mL) bottle size.2

The new non-alcohol Rescue® stress relief remedy will be available in 10mL and 20mL dropper bottles with the signature yellow labels and cartons.

The existing Rescue® portfolio also includes a variety of non-alcohol products suitable for the whole family, including Rescue Remedy® Pet Dropper 10mL & 20mL; Rescue® Pastilles, Rescue® Pearls, Rescue Remedy® Stress Relief Dropper for Kids 10mL, Rescue Sleep® Dropper for Kids 10mL, Rescue Sleep® Dropper 20mL, and Rescue Sleep® Melts.

“Nelsons’ mission has always been to provide the homeopathic remedies you want and need to support your emotional wellbeing and lead healthier, happier lives,” said Kim Knoblauch, U.S. Marketing Director for Nelsons.

“The introduction of non-alcohol formulas of our trusted Bach® and Rescue® products in bilingual packaging will provide greater access to our brands and important information about them for more consumers. We also hope that the new smaller-sized Bach® flower remedies will be just the opportunity for you to find the personalized emotional support you’re looking for, at a lower price,” Knoblauch added.

How To Use Remedies

NEW Bach Original Flower Remedies, in smaller 10mL bottles; dual-labelled in English and SpanishThe remedies are easy to take and conveniently sized to carry with you for use as needs arise. For Bach® remedies, 2 drops may be taken directly on the tongue or added to water or other beverages and sipped. For Rescue®, 4 drops may be taken. Both may be repeated as needed throughout the day.

Personalization is another important feature of Dr. Bach’s time-honored system. Up to 7 remedies may be combined to create a personal blend that works in harmony with your body to keep you emotionally balanced.

Bach® and Rescue® homeopathic remedies are vegan, non-gmo, non-habit forming, and contain no gluten, synthetic dyes, artificial flavors or sweeteners. Packaging is made with recyclable glass bottles and paper cartons.

Bach® is the only maker authorized by The Bach Centre to use Dr. Bach’s signature, and the only flower essences sourced directly from his home in Mount Vernon, England.

Learn more about the new non-alcohol Bach® Original Flower Remedies, including where to find them, at

Learn more about new non-alcohol Rescue Remedy® Stress Relief, including where to find it, at

Homeopathic product claims are based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence and are not FDA evaluated. Homeopathic remedies may not be effective for everyone. Individual results may vary.

1 Nelsons, May 2022. Rescue® is the most widely distributed natural stress & sleep brand worldwide. Data on file.

2 Nelsons does not set retail prices.

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