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Demand Planner

Department: Demand Planning

Company: Global Marketing

Location: UK - Nelsons House (Wimbledon)

Reference: VA325

The Demand Planner will lead and manage the Demand Planning activities, support Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) within Nelsons and to act as the integration point between the local market and the group demand planning function.

The Demand Planner will need to work closely with representatives from marketing, sales, and finance in order to successfully manage the customer demand being placed on the business and to play a lead role in all forecasting related activities to come up with a clear statement of demand in volume and value by SKU.

The Demand Planner is the integration point between the local functions of sales, marketing and finance, and the Group Demand Planning organisation and is responsible for ensuring that the highest quality of demand is communicated to the Supply Chain Function on a monthly basis. 


Key Responsibilities


• Collect and collate market and customer intelligence and make it available to all involved in the forecasting process, and support the local functions with analysis to support the creation of the demand plan.

• Interact with Sales, Marketing, and Finance to understand demand forecast drivers, historical sales trends and uplifts from promotional activities, and ensure assumptions are documented.

• Monitor SKU levels and performance and recommend future SKU rationalization initiatives.

• Facilitate the decision making process with Group Demand Planning regarding Demand Planning activities and priorities.

• Facilitate the discussion about closing gaps to business plan 


• Support the Nelsons Sales & Operations Planning process, leading the monthly demand review meetings.

• Identify process improvements to optimise the S&OP process.

• Implement process changes made by Group Demand Planning.

• Prepare data for monthly S&OP reviews.

• Support the budget annual process.

• Support any in month exceptional demand review.


 • Work with the NPD, Sales and Marketing teams to forecast sales of new products and ensure realistic statement of demand for NPD

• Analyse the impact of any changes to launch dates and update forecast accordingly

• Review NPD forecast data entered into the Demand Planning tool, compare with Commercial Launch Plans and indentify variances.

• Monitor the volume sales performance of new products and capture lessons learned that can be used as a guide in future launches

• Support NPD Post Audit activities and track sales performance against forecast and commercial launch plans


 • Review and analyse monthly forecast accuracy results (MAPE, Bias and Volatility)

• Carry out root cause analysis on major forecast variances, monitor trends in forecast error and implement forecast changes resulting from the monthly review.

• Advise and assist the sales teams with analysing the forecast accuracy data and use the findings to improve future forecasts.

• Work with Group Demand planner and sales/marketing team to achieve agreed forecast accuracy targets

• Review of previous month’s actual demand and identification of any anomalies

• Work with Sales and Marketing team to integrate market intelligence into forecasts and ensure assumptions are clearly documented

• Collaborate with marketing functions to ensure all future promotions and new listings are included in the forecast and that all assumptions are clearly documented.

• Analyse statistical data from forecasting tool in order to ensure this adds value to the forecast

• Collaborate with Sales/Marketing to monitor promotional effectiveness and use findings to improve future forecasts and build key learnings into future promotions.

• Review and agree a monthly updated unconstrained forecast with a horizon of 18-24 months by facilitating a collaborative planning process with Sales, Marketing and Finance.

• Ensure that the monthly forecast upload is completed in accordance will relevant monthly deadlines

• Use and maintain the Demand Planning Software as the primary forecasting tool while providing additional system support to the sales functions.

• Identify exceptional/unplanned demand and work with Group Demand Planner to manage

• Ensure effective use of end-consumer sales data to improve forecast accuracy

• Work with sales teams and customers to identify stock levels at key retailers and distributors on a monthly basis

 • Assume responsibility for key measures. e.g.: region Forecast accuracy, volatility and bias


• Document unshipped orders and subsequent lost sales along with drivers and corrective actions

• Compile the Supply Chain Summary as part of the monthly Nelsons S&OP process in order to communicate any significant changes in demand to the Supply Chain for review

• Support Group Demand Planning in developing inventory strategies for existing products, new products as well as product replacement and discontinuation.

• Review published inventory figures to identify excess inventory in local warehouse.

• Review forecast consumption and update subsequent forecasts accordingly

• Monitor shelf life of inventory and work with Sales to reduce write-off risk and with Finance to accrue where write-off will be incurred

• Work with local and export logistics teams to ensure customer orders are dispatched

on time and in full

• Collaborate with Group Demand Planner and Supply chain regarding stock availability including quality release status and any delays in production 


• Prepare reports and maintain data that will be used in the S&OP forecast review process

• Analyse monthly volume performance results and report on key drivers and corrective actions

• Collaborate with the finance and product lifecycle teams to minimise write-off costs due to obsolescence and packaging changes.

• Review expiry date reports published by finance to identify inventory with limited shelf life and propose actions to mitigate write-off 


Person Specification 

Education / Qualifications

▪ Educated to Degree level standard or equivalent


Skills and Experience


• Excellent analytical skills.

• Excellent numeracy with proficiency in statistical and forecasting fundamentals.

• Strong commercial understanding.

• Strong knowledge of demand planning processes

• Minimum 2-3 years of current demand planner experience.

• Good communication and presentation skills.

• Highly organised and able to prioritise.

• Strong Influencing skills

• Ability to work well under pressure and to strict deadlines

• Clear understanding of forecasting and inventory management as well as the financial and operational impacts.

• Problem solver with ability to build and improve efficient processes.

• Advanced MS Excel (Pivot tables, formulas and functions) and PowerPoint

• Attention to detail and must be able to work to extreme accuracy.

• Ability to work collaborativley across functions and at all levels of the organisation.

• Proficiency with software system including sales forecasting applications



▪ Management of third-party suppliers including SLA monitoring and supplier audits

▪ Supporting users across remote sites, including internationally, using Bomgar

▪ ServiceNow reporting and analysis for Continuous Improvement

▪ Understanding of IT financial management

▪ Knowledge of Sales, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain and Operations functions



• Experience in Business Objects reporting and report writing

• ERP system experience (ideally SAP)

To lead and manage the Demand Planning activities, support Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) within Nelsons and to act as the integration point between the local market and the group demand planning function.

International Area Manager

Department: Emerging Markets Sales

Company: Rest of World

Location: UK - Nelsons House (Wimbledon)

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Reference: VA364


Nelsons House, 83 Wimbledon Parkside, London SW19 5LP


Responsible for the management of the distributors in designated regions with the primary objective to grow sustainable and profitable sales year on year by understanding market dynamics, aligning distributor strategy to Nelsons strategy, challenging, motivating and developing our distributors to Nelsons way of working. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Implement the commercial strategy for Nelsons RoW Region by working with the General Manager of RoW (GM)
  • Deliver joint business plans for designated major developed markets  built on substantiated assumptions
  • Deliver high performing marketing campaigns that will meet with brand objectives and return on investment target
  • Identify other key countries initiatives that will grow sales above and beyond budget committed
  • Recommend adaptation to the strategy to further grow Nelsons sales and profit in your territory
  • Expand into countries (registration permitting) so long as the country meets with business strategic directions and criteria for expansion in terms of sales potential, profit target and resource investment (Executive Leadership Team approved business case).
  • Formulation of strategy and budget, ensuring the strategy is pre-approved by the RoW GM.
  • Work closely with Group functions to secure effective and successful implementation of key fundamentals growth drivers.
  • Learn from successful initiatives in other business regions and rollout within your territory where relevant and possible.

Accurate forecast delivery and budget planning

  • Populate sales forecast ahead of the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) meeting and TXT upload
  • Ensure that the forecast phasing is accurate delivering an 80% accurate SKU by month budget for the full 12 months and 90% accurate by SKU and month for the next 90 days
  • Ensure that orders are received within lead-times
  • Communicate of any risks and opportunities immediately and channel the information through the relevant communication channel
  • Work with marketing manager and financial controller to secure that any investment is recorded accurately and approved by the GM
  • Conduct any reforecast as requested by the business
  • Work with the Financial Controller, Demand Planner and GM to deliver an accurate sales budget with corresponding marketing spends by country
  • Ensure the budget fully approved by the GM and ELT.
  • Work with marketing manager and financial controller to secure that any investment is recorded accurately.

Directly Manage selected countries, ensuring best practice is followed by all parties

  • Current countries will give a mix of “investment” markets, large and small regional distributors, with an opportunity for geographical expertise  
  • Develop the 3-4 year business plan per country with agreed price structure
  • Negotiate head of terms and put in place the distributor agreement using Nelsons contract template
  • Deliver the Nelsons P&L attached to the business plan over the duration of the contract
  • Recommend and work with the local country to meet/ outperform budgets and plans
  • Ensure sales and stock reports, purchase forecasts, exchange rate policies and marketing plans are updated on a regular basis either in line with RoW processes or contractual agreements
  • Recommend revisions to the strategy to outperform with full agreement from the GM

Ensure Nelsons best practice templates for distributor management are followed and properly updated and maintained

  • Ensure all best practice templates are used, these include:
  • Business planning
  • Price Structure
  • Purchase forecast
  • Distributor order form
  • Sales and stock reports
  • Check that the distributors are completing their reports in line with the agreed time frame
  • Recommend improvements to the best practice templates and implement after sign off by the GM

RoW Marketing involvement

  • Work with the RoW Marketing Manager to develop a set of marketing initiatives that deliver YoY sales growth, in line or above the EM strategic plan
  • Deliver marketing plans that grow user share through targeted initiatives
  • Ensure all marketing initiatives are post audited to measure performance and return of investment
  • Annually agree on a set of core initiatives with the EM Marketing Manager
  • Ensure these initiatives are planned, captured in the local marketing plans and implemented
  • Advise and recommend adhoc marketing initiatives to grow countries
  • Work with the RoW Marketing Manager on the marketing catalogue for distributors 

Product supply organisation, quality and regulatory

  • Work with Nelsons Product Supply to ensure each distributor completes the necessary documentation to be set up and have shipments made with no/ minimum disruption
  • Attend the monthly Supply Chain Organisation and RoW meeting to review all at risk orders and agree a mutual solution
  • Ensure change controls are routed through Quality
  • Work with the Regulatory Officer on any regulatory documentation for your countries
  • Keep up to date with the RoW Regulatory Team on all EM regulatory submissions and challenge distributors when their information is inaccurate
  • Immediately bring to the attention of the GM, Marketing Manager and Regulatory Team any regulatory issues that impact budget or serious regulatory concerns that could impact sales and profit


  • Distributor contracts – Review Nelsons distributor agreements regularly and manage renewals, extensions, or termination in a timely manner. 
  • Trademarks - Ensure the necessary Trade Marks are in place in each territory working with Nelsons RoW Marketing Manager, and legal.
  • Market Research – Work with the RoW Marketing Manager to conduct Market Research in a local territories in collaboration with distributors to ensure it meets local and global requirements/ standards 

People skills

  • Challenge and negotiate with distributors using either combative or collaboration techniques as necessary to make the point or achieve the preferred outcome
  • Challenge the Emerging markets team on strategy and key initiatives to deliver above budget
  • Actively grow the Nelsons people network to increase knowledge base of working practices and internal influence
  • Present to distributors and directly & indirectly assist in the development of commercial plans in a collaborative manner

Assist the Headof RoW and team with any ad hoc tasks they may request


Person Specification


  • Ideally educated to degree level

Skills & Experience

  • Experience working in a Sales role within either a FMCG company or medicinal category
  • Proven track record of delivering sales targets
  • Experience managing distributors including, developing, terminating, and transitioning difficult distributors
  • Experience developing strategies and initiatives designed to deliver sales growt
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Deadline driven and thrives in high pressure environment
  • A foreign language fluency is preferable but not essential


  • Sales orientated
  • Strong negotiator
  • Deadline driven
  • Excellent communicator
  • Strategic thinker
  • Problem solver
  • Strong marketing knowledge both creative and execution-ally
  • Financially astute and fully P&L conversant
  • Highly organised
  • Attention for detail whilst maintaining sight of the big picture
  • Excellent presenter
  • Team player
  • Self motivator
  • Can do attitude
International Area Manager

Project Manager (12 Month Fixed Term Contract)

Department: Marketing

Company: Global Marketing

Location: UK - Nelsons House (Wimbledon)

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Reference: VA372

The Project Manager (PM) will manage the end to end launches of existing and/or line extension products into both existing and new markets globally to include artwork changes, component and regulatory changes to existing products.

The Project Manager may be asked occasionally to support the Global NPD project manager with the implementation of New Product Development projects.

They will work closely across all functions to ensure effective management, implementation and launch of all the projects that they either managing from the outset of the activity approval or form part of the wider cross functional project team and will be responsible for the coordinating all actions that are within the implementation & launch stage of a project.


Key Responsibilities

• Directly responsible for the effective project management, implementation and executional excellence for New Product Variant / New Product Commercialisations, Artwork Changes and Component Supplier Change projects at the outset of the activity approval.

• For all PMP projects that the Project Manager leads, at a top-line level, the PM will be responsible for the following actions:

- Raises the change control documentation for the projects that they are responsible for managing.

- Develops, with the input from the cross functional team the overall project timeline and manages the project timeline to achieve agreed launch timings

- Manages and ensures cross-functional co-ordination to deliver the project within the agreed timescales, budget, ensuring executional excellence

- Escalation of the project risks to the relevant stakeholder

- Co-ordinate and Liaise with all necessary teams to ensure that project objectives are met on time.


 Person Specification

Education / Qualifications

• Educated to degree level or higher


Skills & Experience


• Strong demonstrable Project Management skills and experience

• Experience in working in Marketing & Sales/ or SCO function as project manager responsible

• Effective stakeholder management including high level influencing skills

• Experience successfully managing multiple projects and achieving project launch targets

• Intermediate Microsoft Excel experience as a minimum

• Knowledge and experience working with SAP

• Excellent organisational skills

• Strong communication skills, both written and verbal

• Solution orientated problem solver


• Experience within the FMCG/OTC category


• Strong attention to detail

• Must be able to work in a methodical manner

• Self-starter and complete finisher

• Must be a natural project thinker and be skilled at quickly identifying the full set of tasks required for each project

• Highly proactive, somebody who thrives on making things happen and results driven

• Team player

• Collaborative and confident manner 

Project Manager

Production Documentation Officer (MAT Cover)

Department: Production - Direct

Company: Supply Chain Organisation

Location: UK - Endeavour Way (Wimbledon)

Reference: VA373


Unit 5 Endeavour Way, Wimbledon, London SW19 8UH


The Production Documentation Officer will be responsible for all production documentation, within their Team, and will also support other teams if required. The Production Documentation Officer will also be responsible for providing training on new processes / procedures and will support and train new staff. This role will also be responsible setting up and coordinating any rework or hand-packing jobs and deputising for the Team Leader when required.

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for completing (reviewing and booking into SAP) all necessary production records.
  • Responsible for requesting all necessary production records from QA to meet the requirements of the production schedule.
  • Responsible for raising QIRs and PPD when required.
  • Conducting investigations and carrying out actions as required, ensuring all actions are followed up and dealt with in a timely and complete manner
  • Updating and raising new SOPs, WIs, QRs etc when required.
  • Conducting training for new procedures when required.
  • Responsible for setting up, including preparing rework procedures, and coordinating any rework or hand-packing jobs
  • Providing training to new operators/temps, ensuring best practice is adhered to at all times
  • Be actively involved in projects and project work as required
  • Provide support to the Team Leader, including deputising for the Team Leader as required
  • To work according to all necessary GMP, GDP and H&S requirements. 

Working Contacts

  • Head of Operations
  • Production Team Leaders
  • Production Operatives
  • Health and Safety Advisor
  • Engineering
  • Warehouse
  • QA
  • QC
  • Planning 


  • English and Math to GCSE Grade C or above (or equivalent)


  • Previous experience with GMP in a manufacturing environment is essential
  • Production experience within Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is essential (ideally pharmaceuticals but can be other industries)

Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to work accurately, with attention to detail
  • Ability to work with limited supervision and use own initiative
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to recognise and work with good hygienic practices
  • Coaching and listening skills


  • Flexible with the ability to work shift patterns, including early and late shifts
  • Positive approach to work and tasks
  • Ability to use own initiative
  • Motivated and keen to develop new skills
  • Behaviours reflect Company Values 

The Production Documentation Officer will be responsible for all production documentation, within their Team, and will also support other teams if required.

Director of Sales (E-Commerce Channel)

Department: Sales

Company: Americas

Location: AMS - Boston (Massachusetts)

Reference: VA374


Suite 302, 21 High Street, North Andover MA 01845

(field-based with office access would be considered) 

Role Purpose

Reporting to the AMS Head of Commercial, the Director of Sales – E-commerce will be responsible for achieving sales and profit targets for the E-commerce Channel within the US and Canada (currently comprising of Amazon,, in US and Amazon in Canada). They will proactively manage or oversee the relationship between Nelsons and all direct and indirect E-commerce accounts and develop and manage the Sales plan. They will work to develop channel and account specific sales strategies that will increase sales value, distribution, display and promotional opportunities in the relevant retail partners. The Director of Sales will work closely with the AMS Commercial Lead and Head of Global E-commerce to develop long term budget, strategy and future outlook for the E-commerce channel in the US and Canada (including RTM, new business and Investment) whilst collaborating with the rest of the sales team to deliver the total AMS sales and profit targets and drive efficiencies within the AMS business. Being a Global business, you may be asked to represent the company outside of the above located office or needed to attend calls/meetings with our other offices, therefore from time to time you may be requested to work outside of your normal working hours to help maintain effective cover. 


 Key responsibilities

Sales and Business Planning

  • Business Plan – to prepare and implement an annual business plan for Amazon, carrying out regular reviews with Account and Broker/AVS to ensure key sales and marketing objectives are achieved. 
  • Prepare a 3-year Joint Business Plan (JBP) in conjunction with Amazon that is agreed and signed up to.
  • Identify opportunities to develop and implement plans to maximise the sales opportunities.
  • Competitor Brands / Activity – using information from trade press and site audits keep abreast of competitor brands / products and counter as required.
  • Working in synergy with the Digital marketing managers & Social team to align on all planned marketing and promotional activity to help increase traffic & conversion 

Strategy and Planning

  • Develop channel strategies for the future. 
  • Plan and implement strategies in accordance with business needs e.g. project implementation. 
  • Identify key customer portfolios
  • Management of long-term business plans
  • Identify key customer acquisitions to increase our brand awareness within the AMS markets


  • Forecast – prepare value and volume forecasts by products and update on a rolling basis. Liaise with the Supply Chain Organisation (SCO) on specific requests and issues. 
  • Implement and manage the appropriate trading terms and price changes within the company guidelines. 
  • Range – develop the optimum range of new and core product distribution in accounts, ensuring NPD is listed and launched effectively 
  • Customer Meetings – maintain regular face-to-face meetings with Buying and Supply contacts including Brokers and AVS. Organise and lead annual strategy meetings with key contacts. 
  • Manage the agreed expenditure budgets for E-commerce channel and work closely with the marketing team to develop trade marketing activities. 
  • Work with the AMS Commercial lead and Head of Global E-commerce on yearly budgeting process 
  • Weekly and Monthly Internal Reporting 
  • Provide Customer P&L and ROI for each key activity in their accounts and gain approval from AMS Commercial Lead and Global Head of E-Commerce. 
  • Work with the Customer Service team to resolve any customer complaints/issues. 
  • Work with Sales Manager and AVS/Broker to develop reporting on account EPOS weekly, identifying key areas for action and development. 
  • Set KPI’s and objectives for their direct report 
  • Work with their direct report on sales reports, EPOS numbers and a way of sharing with the wider business

Line Management

  • Direct line management responsibility for E-commerce manager to include performance management, target setting and career development


 Person Specification

Education / Qualifications

  • College Graduate
  • Proven experience as Sales Director or other similar role within Ecommerce 

Skills and Experience


  • Previous experience working with Amazon, ideally within a Pharmacy, FMCG or Personal Care branded supplier business 
  • Strong record of building and maintaining customer relationships 
  • Experience of setting, maintaining and achieving budgets both in turnover and in profit 
  •   Experience of managing margins, customer profitability and sales targets 
  • Strong understanding of P&L’s 
  • Proven track record in Sales 
  • Classical KAM sales training
  • Line management responsibility 
  • Ability to build and maintain good relationships 
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written 
  • Negotiation and account management skills 
  • IT literate, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint 
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong organisational skills with the ability to prioritise own workload 
  • Excellent attention to detail 


  • Standard level of understanding core business pillars, logistics, supply chain, forecasting, Social, Marketing and Customer service
  • A customer portfolio for potential new business
  • Direct to consumer ecommerce understanding
  • Great reporting & tracker skills
  • Customer centric with a Digital first approach 


  • Adaptable and flexible approach
  • Enjoys working in a fast-paced environment
  • An outstanding result driven and experienced Ecommerce Sales/Manger/Director
  • A strategic thinker with an accomplished and proven ability for improving results and excellent attention to detail
  • Excellent educational background with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 
  • A natural self-motivator with exceptional interpersonal abilities and first-rate planning/organising skills. 
  • Credibility in the industry
  • Able to multi-task and work on several concurrent projects
  • Effective delegator able to focus ahead without overlooking detail
The Director of Sales – E-commerce will be responsible for achieving sales and profit targets for the E-commerce Channel within the US and Canada (currently comprising of Amazon,, in US and Amazon in Canada)

IT Support Analyst x2

Department: IT

Company: Group Corporate Services

Location: UK - Nelsons House (Wimbledon)

Reference: VA377


To provide first line support and guidance for all technology systems across the business including local sites, remote workers and international staff. Provide a single point of contact for users, resolving the majority of user issues, ensuring all issues are recorded and dealt with appropriately in line with the quality standards required by the Company.

Key Responsibilities

  • First line end user support for all IT systems. This includes end-user systems, general hardware and infrastructure, local and wide area networking, enterprise business applications (e.g. SAP, CRM, etc.), web platforms, cloud/hosted systems, telecommunications systems, mobile devices, cyber security and other technologies as required.
  • Monitoring of Service Desk contact points (e.g. phone calls, email and messaging) and logging of issues in a timely and professional manner using the Service Desk system.
  • Resolution of issues where possible, or assignment and escalation to second line staff and external support companies when appropriate.
  • Updating service desk tickets for incidents and changes within deadlines ensuring technical information is fully captured and any relevant knowledgebase is updated.
  • Ensuring that the IT department meets the services levels agreed with the business including monitoring third party service levels.
  • Processing of service and change requests from users within the agreed timescales. E.g. setting up new users, providing quotations, purchasing equipment, etc.
  • Routine administration and housekeeping tasks as required within the IT Department.
  • Assisting with project work and undertaking smaller independent projects when required
  • Ensuring IT policies and procedures are current and adhered to during day-to-day work both within the IT department and across the business as a whole.
  • Creating documentation to aid IT, business users and colleagues
  • To assist with pro-actively identifying issues and projects, that could improve the resiliency and efficiency of all technical systems.
  • To have all the technical skills required to support group IT systems and to maintain those skills to a suitable professional standard. Where new systems are implemented, to fully co-operate in learning the skills required for support, with or without formal training.
  • To undertake and maintain GxP training as required for the role
  • To carry out any other reasonable management requested task.


Person Specification

Qualifications and Experience


  • English and Maths to GCSE Grade C or above (or equivalent)
  • Experience of working on an end-user facing IT Service Desk


  • ITIL Foundation Qualification

Knowledge and Skills


  • IT Support experience in an ITIL based environment.
  • Experience of supporting Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.
  • General desktop support (PC hardware, PC build, printers, scanners, etc).
  • General IP networking skills (DHCP, DNS, Ipconfig, etc).
  • Use of Service Desk software, ideally ServiceNow.
  • Excellent verbal communications skills. Approachable, friendly and able to build rapport.
  • Good written communication, able to quickly record details of problems and solutions as they arise.
  • Can provide clear, concise written reports to second line and external support when escalating issues.
  • Able to write clear documentation for different audiences.


  • Windows Server support.
  • Network knowledge and troubleshooting skills.
  • Telecoms support including MS Teams, VOIP and videoconferencing.
  • Virtualised system support such as VMware.
  • Knowledge of Mac OS.
  • ERP Systems support ideally SAP.
  • Mobile device support: Android and/or iOS.
  • Experience supporting users across remote locations.
  • Use of remote desktop tools.


  • Diligent, organised and goal oriented, understands the importance of service level agreements and will work to achieve them.
  • Good prioritisation and time management, able to balance competing issues to ensure the right issues are addressed first.
  • Able to work with frustrated or upset users in a calm and understanding manner, while focussing on resolving their issues.
  • Team player who will coordinate with colleagues to meet targets and also confident enough to recognise issues they cannot resolve and escalate in a timely manner.
To provide first line support and guidance for all technology systems across the business including local sites, remote workers and international staff.

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