Teething tips

Is your baby teething?

Teething can be a tricky time, particularly for first-time parents who may be unfamiliar with the symptoms. Here are some handy tips to help you identify whether your baby is teething and know how to help them through it. Is your baby teething?

Run through our handy checklist to help recognise the signs. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then they may be teething and you may want to look at ways to relieve their discomfort.

  • Can you see a tooth pushing through?
  • Do they have sore and tender gums and/or flushed cheeks?
  • Are they showing signs of excessive dribbling and an urge to chew or bite?

What can you do if your little one is teething

If you’re concerned about your child’s symptoms, you should always consult a healthcare professional. How to help a teething baby Give them something to chew on, like a clean teething ring or a sterilised teething toy Give them a cold bottle of water or milk. This can help replenish any fluids lost from excess dribbling If your baby’s dribbling is causing sore skin, redness or a rash, keep the area dry and apply a barrier cream to protect and soothe the skin.

Try Teetha Teething Granules. It is a homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of teething pain and the symptoms associated with teething which are sore and tender gums, flushed cheeks and dribbling. Contains 6c homeopathic Chamomilla. Always read the label. Consult your doctor if you’re worried about their symptoms.

Hear from some of our customers about why they love Teetha

We believe Teetha is a fantastic product and it’s great to know that other parents have given it their vote too. I'm all for using alternative/natural remedies where ever possible and now after using Nelsons Teetha on my little boy I am even more of a convert. I carry Teetha with me everywhere and they are a godsend - Fi (Oxfordshire, UK)

I wanted to take a moment of my time to tell you how much me and my little boy love your teething granules. My poor little man is 4 months old and is getting his first teeth and your teething granules are really making the process easier. He gets so excited when I get a sachet out for him. Thank you for helping him get through the teething process with ease. - Jodie (Liverpool)

I am a mum of two little boys, a 3 year old & 12 week old. Both my boys were early teethers & to see them in such discomfort was distressing for both of us. My 3 year old started teething at 3+ months & my 12 week old started teething at 10+ weeks. But thanks to Teetha Granules, the discomfort was eased & I know how wonderfully they worked for my 3 year old, so your products were the first things I bought when my 12 week old started showing signs of teething & once again, your product is providing relief & to be a vital item for us. I just wanted to let you know what a difference your products have & our making to us. Thank you! - Laura (Somerset, UK)

Our products As Europe’s longest established homeopathic manufacturer, we have been supplying quality homeopathic medicines since 1860. Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules and Gel are suitable from 3 months plus.